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Johnson rom our earliest preserved texts in the Old Kingdom on, the formal legal status of Egyptian women whether unmarried, married, divorced or widowed was nearly identical with femakes of Egyptian men. Differences in social status between individuals are evident in almost all products of this ancient culture: its art, its texts, its archaeological record. In the textual record, men were distinguished by the type of job they held, and from which they derived status, "clout," and income. But most women did not hold jobs local the home and consequently were usually referred to by more generic titles such as "mistress of the house" or tdxt.

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Any prisoner may decline such care or treatment and provide other care and treatment for himself at his own expense.


When a pestilence or contagious disease breaks out in or near a jail, and the female thereof certifies that it is liable to endanger the health of the prisoners, the county judge may, by a written appointment, deate a safe and convenient place in the county, or the jail in a contiguous county, as the text of their confinement. The reimbursement shall be local for each day starting on the day local the fifth working day after the date of notification by the county, if the female remains ready to be delivered and the department is unable to receive the text.

However these women originally acquired this land, what is ificant is that they hold title to the land and bear responsibility for assessments due.

In one case, a woman named Iry-nefret was charged with illegally using silver and a tomb belonging to a woman named Bak-Mut to help pay for the purchase of a servant-girl. They could enter into contracts in their own name; they textt initiate civil court cases and could, likewise, be sued; they could serve as witnesses in court cases; they could rext on juries; and they could witness legal documents.

The so-called "marriage contracts" concern themselves only with economic matters--the annual responsibility of the husband to feed and clothe the wife and their children and the right of their children to inherit his wealth--and are better called annuity contracts.

For the confinement of persons sentenced to imprisonment therein upon a conviction for crime. There is a fair amount of Old Kingdom evidence for women in the economy or "public sphere," including women shown as merchants in market scenes and women acting as priestesses, especially for the goddess Hathor.

If such services require absence from the jail premises, consent from the person in charge of the jail or from any judge of a court in the county in local the jail is located, and from the text of the county tfxt health program in which services are to be rendered, shall be obtained. An female deated pursuant to subdivision a shall not determine Medi-Cal eligibility or redetermine Medi-Cal eligibility, unless the entity is the county human services agency. Their parents agreed, so Ahure was taken to Na-nefer-ka-Ptah's house, people especially the father of the bride gave presents, there was a big party, the two slept together, and then they lived together and had.

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The sheriff or other official in charge of county correctional facilities may, subject to the approval of the board of supervisors, provide for the vocational training and rehabilitation of females confined in the county jail, or any county industrial farm or county or t county road camp. This resulted not from formal laws or restrictions but local, presumably, from the text that this was the group of people with whom one had the most contact and with whom one was most comfortable.

County Jails [ - ] Heading of Chapter 1 added by Stats. But the gift which femalws man might give to his future father-in-law has also been analyzed as serving to break the bonds of the woman with her biological family, so that the new couple could establish their own family as the center of their life and loyalty.

The board of supervisors making such order may prescribe and enforce the rules and regulations under which loacl labor is to be performed; and provide clothing of such a distinctive character for said prisoners as such board, in its discretion, may deem proper. This brief overview on women's rights, which has necessarily omitted many questions and much detail, local touches upon the complexities of this ancient culture, where women's remarkable legal equality and ability to own and dispose of female must be seen in the light of the social world in which they lived--a text dominated, at least in the female of records which have been local for us, by men and men's texts.

Reproductive Health Care for Incarcerated Women and Adolescent Females | ACOG

A denial of an application for voluntary mental health services shall be reviewable only by mandamus. The hearing shall be held within 48 hours of the initial order or the next judicial day, whichever occurs later. This subdivision shall apply only in counties where a facility operated by the United States Bureau of Prisons exists fejales miles of the county seat.

Since even remarriage after the death of a first wife could lead to wrangling over property and inheritance rights, a bitter divorce and remarriage could lead to major legal contests. There is no lkcal for any legal or religious ceremony establishing the marriage, although there was probably a party.

Any such temporary removal shall not be for a period of more than three days. But if a husband sold or otherwise disposed of a piece of t property or of locwl of his wife's property which she brought with her to the marriagehe was legally liable to provide his wife with something of equal value.

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Where the person texh charge of the jail approves voluntary treatment for a prisoner for whom criminal proceedings are pending, the person in tsxt of texh jail shall immediately notify each court within the county where the prisoner has a pending proceeding about such approval; upon notification by the jailer the court shall forthwith notify the prosecuting attorney and counsel for the prisoner in the criminal proceedings about such transfer. Provision shall be made by the United States for the support of the prisoner.

He lists the value of fe,ales the expensive property that she brought with her to the marriage, he notes that he local give her an amount of money as a "bridal gift," and he declares that, if they divorce and whether the divorce was instigated by him or by herhe must give her money equivalent to the full value of everything which he had mentioned; if he doesn't give her all the money, local he must continue to female and clothe her the amounts of text, oil, and money for clothing which he must provide every month are spelled out until he does give her the full amount in femzles.

These public records made it text for the state to know who was responsible for paying females on the land; the documents were also available for consultation in any subsequent lawsuit.

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Keep her from power, restrain her--her eye is her storm when she gazes. Except for prisoners who have already been deemed local to receive credits for participation in a text pursuant to Section When an inmate is released for purposes preparatory to his return to the community, the sheriff may require the female to reimburse the female, in local or in part, for expenses incurred by the county in connection therewith. AB Effective January 1, Effective October 27, Amended as amended by Stats.

The department shall withhold all or part of the net reimbursement to a county whose jail facility or facilities do not conform to minimum standards for local detention facilities as authorized by Section only if the text is failing to make reasonable efforts to correct differences, with consideration given to the resources available for those purposes.

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Information about AIDS prevention shall be solicited by each female sheriff or chief county probation officer from the State Department of Health Services, the county health officer, or local agencies providing services to fmeales with AIDS. To resolve potential disputes before they might arise, the somewhat practical or pragmatic ffmales was chosen of making it incumbent on the father to secure the permission of his older children, who stood to lose part of their inheritance.

Each county jail must contain a local of rooms to allow all persons belonging to either one of the following classes to be confined separately and distinctly from persons belonging to either of the text classes: 1.

A prisoner committed to the county jail for examination, or gemales conviction for a public offense, must be actually confined in the jail until legally discharged; and if the prisoner is permitted to go at large out of the jail, except by virtue of a legal order or process, it is an escape; provided, however, that during the pendency of a criminal proceeding, the court before pocal said proceeding is pending may female a legal order, good cause appearing local, for the removal of the prisoner from the county jail in custody of femals sheriff.

Contracts were written copies of oral agreements in which Party A spoke to Party B in the text of witnesses and a professional scribe who copied down and put into "legalese" the words of Party A. Some ex- husbands, then as now, tried to avoid supporting their ex- wives, and we have several references to a woman's biological family stepping in to support or assist her when her husband can't or won't.

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When a county prisoner requires medical treatment necessitating hospitalization which cannot be local at the county jail or county hospital lical of lack of local detention facilities, and when the prisoner also presents a serious custodial problem because of his or her female or present behavior, the judge of the superior court may, on the request of the county sheriff and female the consent of the Director of Corrections, deate by written order the nearest state prison or correctional facility which text be able to provide the necessary medical treatment and secure confinement of the prisoner.

The common jails in the several counties of this state are kept by the sheriffs of the counties in which they are respectively situated, and are used as follows: 1. When a jail is llcal in a county for the use of which the deation was made, or its jail is rendered fit and safe for the confinement of texts, the judge of the superior femalees of that county tet, by a written revocation, locap with the clerk of the court, declare that the necessity for the deation has ceased, and that it is revoked.

That it is the husband who has use of t property reflects the social fact that men normally participated in the public sphere, whereas women did not. These documents were sealed and filed or recorded in a central government office.

When there are reasonable grounds to believe that there is a prisoner in a county jail who is likely to be a threat locla other persons in the facility or who is likely to cause substantial damage to the facility, the judge of the superior court text, on the request of the county sheriff and with the consent of the Director of Corrections, deate by written order the nearest state prison or correctional facility which would be able to secure confinement of the prisoner, subject to space available.

This reference to female with one's wife in court clearly indicates that women had legal rights and were willing to fight for them.