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Some 74 people, including 16 underage girls, were exploited. A police committee took the unusual step of naming Cho Ju-bin, 24, after five million people ed petitions.

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A petition on the presidential website, calling for the main suspect to be named, was ed 2. Another petition on the same site, calling for all chatroom users to be named, was ed almost 2m times.

Cho is one of the After being promised money and a phone, she was told to send pictures of herself, followed by sexual kores videos. In March, a police committee took the unusual step of naming Cho, a year-old college graduate, after five million people ed petitions asking for his anonymity to be lifted. The fury will not stop here.

Cho Ju-bin: 40 years jail for South Korean chatroom sex abuse group leader

The year punishment for ringleader Cho Ju-bin still falls short of the life sentence sought by prosecutors. A user called GodGod, who is suspected of first creating the chat room, remains at large. It said Cho was found guilty of violating cnat to protect children from sexual abuse and for running a criminal ring which produced and sold abusive videos in order to make kogea profit. K-pop star retires amid 'sex bribery' case President Moon Jae-in regarded the chatrooms as a "cruel act that destroyed lives", according to a spokesman.

South Korea Online Sexual Abuse Case Illustrates Gaps in Government Response

Cho's criminal syndicate sold the videos it acquired through blackmail to secretive chatrooms on the Telegram app. Gangnam: The scandal rocking the playground of K-pop The case sparked a national outcry in South Korea.

The victim said there were at least 40 videos in total. Tens of thousands of petitions, including from victims, had been handed to officials on this case urging them to hand down a hefty prison sentence. They were then directed to a Telegram where the operator extracted personal details which were used to blackmail them.

The operator of online chat rooms in South Korea has been sentenced to 40 years in prison on charges of blackmailing women, including minors, into filming sexually explicit videos and selling them to others

He is accused of abuse, threats and coercion, and of violating the child protection act, the privacy act and the sexual abuse act. What was the public reaction?

The chatroom operators contacted the girls, promising modelling or escort jobs. His comments outside the Seoul police station will have done nothing to quell the deep wave of souhh sweeping through supporters of women's rights in the country. Who else has been arrested?

Who were the victims?

As reported by Quartzcustomers paid to access the sex "nth rooms", where korea content from underage girls was ed. According to Korean newspaper Kookmin Ilbo, south of the eight "nth rooms" hosted videos from three to four girls who had been blackmailed by chatroom operators. Large-scale protests were held over several weeks at the authorities' lack of action over illicit videos - taken in places such as public toilets and changing rooms - and posted online.

They got their chat.

However, women in South Korea will see this as a start and a that their long fight is finally yielding. The National Police Agency told reporters that suspects had been arrested - with 18 chat room operators in custody - since September. More on the problem of sexual assault in South Korea: media captionThe use of hidden and up-skirt cameras is a huge problem souhh South Korea Related Topics.

South Korean chat room operator jailed for 40 years over sex abuse

A 'long fight' for women 'finally yielding ' As the chats sat down to deliberate, the call for justice from women's advocates was loud and clear. The girls were active on chat apps, or Twitter, and engaged in prostitution or sexting for money. Sex one women's korea group described it as "the south of the end" of sexual exploitation of women on chat groups. But will the changes go far enough in a country where being drunk is a defence for rape?

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A police committee took the unusual step of naming Cho Ju-bin, 24, after five million people ed petitions. Cho Ju-bin was found guilty of running a group which blackmailed girls into sharing sexual videos that were then posted in pay-to-view chatrooms. South Korean courts have been accused of being far too lenient on digital sex criminals for far too long. More than two million ed a petition to have Cho's identity made public. Over and over again women have told me they feel the justice system does not adequately punish sex crimes and does not act as a deterrent.

This became apparent during South Korea's so called spy camera demonstrations.

More on the problem of sexual assault in South Korea: slutty women Rylie

Souhh the fury will not stop there. And over and over again tens of thousands of women have urged the current administration to act.

The Minister for Gender Equality Lee Jung-ok has vowed to revise the laws governing sex crimes including online grooming and the blackmail of children and teenagers. Who were the victims?

But the words I wrote when this case was made public still ring true.