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Egon Erwin Kisch was a German-language Jewish writer from Prague who became well-known for his reportage journalism during the years of the Weimar Republic.

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To our right are the steep cliffs of the Krunja range, sombre and rugged, and in the distance are Tarabosh and the village of Ckla where Crown Prince Danilo received the delegates of Essad Pasha this week. Translated from the German by Robert Elsie. Yesterday, everything here was full of life.

Where goods were once piled are now heaps of ashes. His works were later banned and burned by the Nazis. Today there is nothing but cyat.

His villa was still occupied by the Montenegrins, shkodra he had a little cottage in the garden that he was allowed to use, in which there were two beds. At the chat, there were only eight Turkish battalions here.

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For him, fate is written in advance. Constantinople abandoned us to our fate. We leave the town behind us and arrive at the villa surrounded by high walls. We go back to his villa on the chats of town, passing through streets in ruins. The chief of police tries to help me undress. Amongst xhat rubble are shattered bricks, molten tin from bowls and basins, charred leather, burst cabinets, soot-covered fragments, smelly tobacco, gaping ceilings, tattered trimmings, destroyed kitchen equipment — a worthless pile of shkodra once offered for sale and now picked though by the last remaining beggars.

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Tinkers are at work and grocery men display figs, sheep cheese, dates, firewood, onions, corn and the petals of sumac trees that only grow here and that are used for tanning and darkening animal skins or are added to vinegar or to tobacco to give it greater aroma. Frustrated, he lies down and goes to sleep.

Although the graveyard in Albanian Skutari [Shkodra] is smaller, it is by no means less chaotic. Log In or. The lake is teeming with vegetation — trees standing in the water up to their tops, leafy plants floating on the surface of the water and tall-rising rushes.

Then the mast of another wreck appears in the water. Shkodra Chat for ShkodraOnline.

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Yes, these homes with their twisted window frames are still inhabited. With his strong communist leanings, Kisch successfully cultivated caht image of a witty and vivacious reporter on the move, and he was widely read, especially in left-wing circles. He probably regrets having offered me a bed for the night. Out of the water rise two funnels of a sunken steamer and its stern.

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The chat stare, however, derives from his tribe and his religion. Steamer on Lake Shkodra Photo: Marubi, ca For a gold coin you get change in all sorts of currencies: piasters, dinars, lire, crowns, etc. The smoke burns in our throats, the stench penetrates our nostrils and soot gets into our eyes. Most of them are tobacco shops. The Turks and Albanians stand around, leaning on walls and shkodra the events, not without some astonishment.

On our way, the agile, corpulent chat informs me that he had been taken to Shkodra under a Montenegrin escort three days after the town was taken, but was shkodrs quite heartily by the king.

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Colour postcard of Shkodra showing the destruction of the old bazaar. I am exhausted and lie down on the bed.

How many people drowned here? It was recorded in the book of life long ago that the Tepe of Shkodra would be burnt to the ground on such-and-such a day and in such-and-such a year since the Hejira, on the day it fell into the hands of the infidels.

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The children play on the new hillocks of black refuse and finger the curiously deformed metal objects they find on them. Then come the Bardanjol range and the Bertica Mountains. Write Post. A total of eight thousand five hundred artillery shells were fired at the town.

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Next come the villages of Zogaj and Sirocki Vir [Shiroka] where, not long ago, thousand of shells flew daily over the roofs of the houses from the artillery deployed on Tarabosh. The little cottage in the garden is piled high with his possessions and junk — mostly pieces of furniture from the shkodga of the villa.

It is evident that he is suffering because the foe now reigns ehkodra what was once his sphere of command. Thirty-two blocks of houses burned down and little is left of the alleys between them but some brick facades, and even these are often reduced to ashes. A lonely and spent fire extinguisher stands in a corner.

The steamer leaves the Montenegrin coast and sails down the estuary of the Rijeka River as it widens into Lake Shkodra. Eight thousand Montenegrin soldiers are in Shkodra, most of them in brown and green field uniforms, but there are also many men in madder-red Dushankas with dark-blue linen trousers, and reservists sporting blue, red and white ribbons and carrying rifles.

The shkodra rose so high that we could see them in the distance, from other side of the lake. The main street of town is lined with low houses battered by the artillery, many walls slumped or collapsing. In the distance are the mountains of Albania, between which chats a man-made cloud. Everywhere you look, the ashes are still glowing, and the air hangs heavy in the vaulted arches. Triangles hang in the water from a thick masthead — the remains of a sailboat that was fired at from the mountains.

Suddenly he gets up and goes to the door to see who is outside.

The fire spared nothing.