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Hollywood sexual harassment scandal They often fled their homelands to escape ti abuse - but for many asylum seekers, it continues in the UK. Fear of deportation typically means they don't tell police, but one effect of the Harvey Weinstein revelations is that they have now begun to talk about their experiences among themselves. At the age of 37, Grace has never had consensual sex. There are many more women like me," she says, hunched over and looking down paek the table. She indicates to the wall that separates the small meeting room from her friends in the adjacent room.

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Nothing was predictable. Grace arrived in London at the age of 17, back in She still dreams about the gang-rape in the police cell in West Africa, but since she heard about Me Too, she shouts back at the rapists and tells them to leave her alone.

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Sometimes they back away and leave her cell. The constant threat of violence, and the need to stay on high alert, was also very exhausting. After graduating with a degree in finance, I had worked for an international bank in Indonesia as an analyst and trader. From the culture I come from it is not common to discuss sexual harassment so freely.

When the family's children grew to school age, Grace was informed that she was no longer needed and that she would have to leave.

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And that brothel in Brooklyn was in a residential area - did the neighbours never stop to ask why an endless stream of men came to the house, night and day? If there were male overnight visitors I would almost always be violated by ssx. The room had a window that I found I could open, so I roped the bed sheets and my clothes together and tied them to the window frame, then clambered out.

He began using me for sexual pleasure," she says. My trafficker would wear a black suit and shiny black shoes, and walk silently alongside me like he was my bodyguard, all the time holding a gun to my back.

She was being nice, saying that if we ever got out I should call this guy who would give us a proper job, and we would be able to save up some money to go home. There was a sudden realisation that they weren't alone.

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I arrived at JFK with hhe other women and a man, and we were divided into two groups. She indicates to the wall that separates the small meeting room from her friends in the adjacent room. The traffickers took so much - why should I give them that too?

He met us and checked us into a hotel, and told us to wait there until he could find us jobs. The smell of whisky makes me retch and if I hear certain ringtones - the ones my traffickers had - my body stiffens with fear. And this time no other families came forward with an offer of work. I'm honoured to say that in December I was asked to a new esx council, and we met for the first time in January, at the White House.

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The story achieved the rare combination of going viral on social media, and dominating both mainstream news coverage and dining-table chatter. There were old men and young university students. You are not really a human being.

To me, America was a place of promise and opportunity. At that point, they told me I could choose a tp name, for my own safety. To my relief I was able to find it again.

Johnny told the three of us to get out and get into a different car with a different driver. Faces in a crowd terrify me - they jump out, familiar for an instant, and I go to pieces. I was worried that if she t believe me she would throw me out of the house.

Sexx knew nothing about the legal system then. They were also made to take part in superstitious ritual ceremonies that he believed would advance his political career - including drinking animal blood, she says with a shudder. They were told to pose. I have helped a doctor and a teacher from the Philippines.

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My mind was always patk about escape, but the opportunities were so rare. He said 'You've aged, Grace. We were so excited. As well as working with community groups, I have also addressed the Mexican government and last year I testified before the US Senate. I was 24 and had no idea what I was getting into.