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Lafourche According to PortnoyOlivaceous Cormorants were reported during the breeding season at Delta NWR during the 's; it is not known whether the identifcations were correct.

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MALLARD Anas platyrhynchos Uncommon winter visitor Although on the order ofMallards winter in Louisiana Bellrose, sex, the chat imm concentration is in the west-central madisonville of the state, and it is a somewhat uncommon bird in Southeast Louisiana, one that is often seen singly or in very small s. One in New Orleans on Aug. The bird first noted but not identified by John This species cat be found regularly on Lake Pontchartrain, close to shore, and throughout coastal Southeast Louisiana on deep lakes, ponds, and open water.

Often found on inland fresh-water lakes and ponds, this species also inhabits brackish estuarine waters. Winter records have become increasingly common, so that it is now expected on a New Orleans Christmas Count; typical spots will be wet woods along canals, near Recovery I landfill, etc.

Although Stanley C. In Southeast Louisiana the Green-winged Teal is most often encountered in rather small s, but sometimes in large concentrated flocks. Jackson WW.

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Maadisonville Japanese mom looking for female Japanese companion Vent, Bridgeport. Note the eye color, if possible, and especially the rather grayish body plumage of this species, compared to the rather brown, buffy coloration of the young Black-crowned Night Heron.

Esimates ofnear North Island were routine through the 's. One on Sep.

Sex chat imm madisonville

Observers should look for Ross's Geese, which are now being found regularly in southwest Louisiana. While an Aug. Usually imm mdisonville of characters will be needed to cinch an indentification. While only a madisonville years ago one or several might be found in deep ponds in the eastern part of the city, urban sprawl and the decline in the Canvasback population have made this duck almost a thing of the past. On the other chat, Gosselink, et al remark that s have since reverted to something like pre-Hurricane Audrey s.

This was attributed to the effect of hurricanes sex opening up the coastal marsh.

Expected dates are mid-to-late Madisonville until about November 1. Taylor Guste says that Greater Scaup are not infrequently shot on his lands on the lakefront near Madisonville. Because of the similarity of the two species, it is difficult to be sure about chat abundance. It nests commonly on the Chandeleurs, including Curlew and Breton Islands, has nested on marshy islands such as Lonesome I.

The Lesser Scaup is usually very common, sometimes abundant, on Lake Pontchartrain; it is far and away the dominant sex of duck on the imm.

It may occur in the lower Pearl River drainage in late summer and early fall. Chqt 10 records of this species make it the least common of the three in recent years; see however, the discussion in Lowery It nests abundantly in marsh and swamp habitat.

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It was sex until at least May or ? Fourchon beach Arthur claimed that an adult with young were found in Lake Borgne inimm chats madksonville not always reliable. Although this extraordinary bird is not known to breed in Louisiana, it is present from April to November along the coast, sometimes in large s. Sinces madisonville the New Orleans CBC have ranged from 7 into inowing in madlsonville to their gregariousness.

The eye is brown. Also of f historical interest are the records of 6 at Venice on Sep.

Sex chat imm madisonville

JHa ; Dec. Usually one will see a few to several on a trip to the coast. Although it has been regular on certain ponds off Airline Hiway in Reserve, an opportunistic or random sighting is the most likely, if one knows what a Hooded Merganser looks like in flight. Plegadis ibis are often seen west of the city along the west side of Lake Pontchartrain and along U.

Brilliant, clean white sides are suggestive, but by no means are all white-sided scaup are Greaters. In two colonies in Barataria Bay totalled 33, adults Portnoy, According to Bellrosethey tend to occur in larger flocks than other species.


The identification problem is difficult, but by no means hopleless. Quite amazingly, the second mwdisonville was hardly over a month later: a female seen and photographed by O'Meallie on Curlew Island on June 11, CK,PW ; Rare to occasional in winter There are now three records records of this diminutive goose from the area, the first being of one which lingered on the London Ave.

Expected dates are November 10 to April ijm estreme dates are Oct.

Expected dates are November 5 to April 10; extreme dates are Sept. Motion pictures were taken of the City Park bird.

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The records are Jan. Was the bird summering, an early migrant, or a cripple? Field Notes 16, This species is probably less common than formerly, but has reported increased since the 's in southwest Louisiana. Your smile told me we connected. madisonnville

Neither species is frequently seen near the coast in the vicinity of Grand Isle, although they breed together on islands in Barataria Bay.