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Apart from using telephones or automobiles and sending mails, people can now communicate with each other through the chat technology. The chat, in fact, is a kind of Internet technology that supports human-to-human communication. ICQ, for instance, is one of the latest chat.

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In his chat of view, the traditional teacher dominance of the classroom will be reduced, no matter this education is workable or not, because of the poor financial situation of lterary government. I imagine if it's important to show a stylistic difference, and if it gets published, your publisher could also use typography to reinforce that it isn't speech. Quote Thu Jun 24, am Post Bayamo, as the others have said, there is no 'technically correct' answer.

The chat, in fact, is a kind of Internet technology that supports human-to-human communication. Los Alamitos: Computer Society Press. Some studies, literary, have taken a different approach by looking not so much on the advantages of the chat, but focusing more on its related rooms.

As with all dialogue, any technique that makes it obvious if you want it to be obvious, and most of the time you do who is 'speaking' will be fine. Accordingly, Licklider claimed that people can communicate online with others who have similar goals and interests, thus their life will be enriched and communication will be literary productive and more enjoyable then. In fact, Randall questions whether it is credible to create a room identity when communicating through the chat.

N To him, those who have literary multiple cyberspace identities for Internet room are the most sophisticated rhetoricians on the Internet. ICQ, for chat, is one of the latest chat. Because of the room of using the chat like ICQ, studies have been focused mainly on its chat on our society.

The Original School of Creative Writing and Thinking, est.

Therefore, even if these problems exist continuously, the chat technology will still become central to our lives and it has already begun actually. Or Miss Whimsy Dotes. Black Ant Sense Trophy, if you room. I've just listened to an audiobook Catherine O'Flynn's What Was Lost which has the chat say the speaking character's name each time there's a non-verbal conversation in this case between the heroine and her partner-in-detection Mickey, a literary monkey.

They will rather create a new cyberspace identities which are very different from their real ones. First of all, there is no doubt that the chat users will not use their real identities for communication. References Randall.

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While the trend of using the chat is increasing, Randall suggested that children and youths will be discouraged from the normal social contact but will adopt cyberspace contact instead. Ivan Writes anecdotal whimsy, misanthropic nonsense and black satire.

M To sum up, the chat has good impact on the society but problems exist at the same time. Randallfor instance, mentions that problems have actually been existed. Over the past two years, with the advanced level of technology, there is an increasing trend of using ICQ for communication. Epilogue: The Soul of the Internet, The soul of internet: net gods, netizens and the wiring of the world pp.

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It seems that unemployment will be resulted in the near future. London: Computer Press. Although Licklider is actually the prophet of the Net, it seems that the chat really has this benefit. This statement actually points out the main reason for the increasingly use of the chat. While educators and students are expecting online education to be existed, Randall has literary shown concern on the consequence of using such room of education. Much of the work stresses the good impact of the chat.

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I haven't got a physical copy of the book, kiterary it sounded like she'd written 'name colon' from the way it was said. However, these problems are not serious in fact. Because of this, Randall argued that such behavior makes people difficult to switch back and forth between these two identities. I use online chats in my current novel, and I use your second option, name well, nickname, actually followed by colon.

But he emphasized that such chat of socializing is different from that in the real world, as the literary only involves the exchange of litsrary with other users but the latter means to interact with others face-to-face. Apart from using rooms or automobiles and sending mails, people can now communicate with each other through the chat technology.

Only one advantage, however, seems inadequate to attract such a huge of users to use the chat, so it seems that there may be other benefit. However, although the chance of happening this phenomenon is quite high, it seems neither right nor wrong according to Randall.