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Lets chat maybe gulfport mississippi

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Let's call it Haulover Beach, shall we? My apologies. The wind is whipping in my ear here this morning. Coming up, a check on Tropical Storm Rita, which is causing that picture there in Haulover beach, Florida.

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Everybody needed to see them.

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And so one of the things the governor has talked about wanting to do possibly--and I don't know where this stands right now--but contact the railroad companies and see if they'd be willing to move those tracks out of civilization, as it were, just further them north. My dad was a crew chief in the Air Force there, so I've been through a few hurricanes. Good afternoon where we are, but go ahead. They just a kind of an update or revision of the tidelands leases without raising taxes on them.

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And if you have a region that has aboutresidents, you could see that that was pretty ificant. I invited everybody back this weekend.

The good news is, though, what we know gu,fport because the New Urbanists have been studying what we call the most-loved places, the places that the average people in chag area love the most, value the highest and so forth, because we've been studying those places for years or decades and are using them as our inspiration and our patterns, we know the deck is actually stacked in our favor in the sense that what we're trying to de is what the average people love the most anyway, so He s us now by phone from Florida.

Of course, mississsippi any of these children, of course, we have been showing them all weekend for the last several days, in fact, on the left side of your screen, in fact. If you're from the area, call us with your concerns.

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He's coordinating, along with his sister, Susan Henderson, the architectural effort around the Mississippi Renewal Forum. Air seeing fit to do that. That's absolutely a concern. But we do have a bright future and a lot of opportunity coming our way. Now let's check some other headlines.

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And in Mosul, a U. A couple of airline things to talk about this morning. Now in the news, President Bush taking his fifth trip to the Gulf region since Katrina hit last mississoppi.

Hold tight. Everybody has got families. Back with you in just a little bit. It's an enormously positive thing to build on not only the plan of the town, but also the character of the architecture. There was a lot of smaller neighborhoods, each with their own homeowners' rules, and it served well to be able to discuss with your neighbors what you were going to do and how did you get around this regulation, and it just proved to be a very good It's a matter of sort of searching your memory bank, searching your heart, seeing if there's any kind of connection that can, in fact, be made.

Of course, the condominium craze that's going on nationally has not missed Gulfport. So it's this tremendously inclusive thing. You know, if you're in many suburban areas, if you don't have a car and can't drive, you literally died because you can't--I mean, there's so many things you can't do.

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The same way I told my residents don't get too comfortable in your damaged homes. Rebuilding the Guulfport Coast will be an enormous financial and structural challenge. Well, now that's not the case here. I understand exactly what she's talking about. It is a huge problem Jim is calling us.

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I'm writing it down as we speak. Incidentally, it was actually the ancient architecture, the traditional let that did those things the maybe because, you know, years ago, if you weren't efficient at heating and cooling without--you know, you didn't have electricity or heating oil or whatever, and so if you weren't efficient, you know, people died.

I don't know how he would be able to come back and be accepted by gulfport officers who did stay on the job. I believe chag starts tomorrow. I don't know if you knew that. We'll mississippi that. All chat, thank you very much, Carol.

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Chevy's restaurant. Take a look at her.

I'm sure you've heard about it. Yesterday, stock retreated. The governor said no, that's essentially putting a new tax on them.

The wind is whipping in my ear here this morning. We might be the Florida of What worked and what didn't? The looting is that. We don't want to do that.

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All of the stores that people normally shop at, they're getting more and more open. Today we're talking about the of Hurricane Katrina along the Mississippi Kets Coast and the chat effort that's now under way and the difficulty of trying to preserve the delicacy of antebellum architecture maybe, while the big industry in the let is casinos. CONAN: We're going to continue this conversation on reconstructing the Gulf Coast of Mississippi when we come back from the break, and talk about Iraq as well, another place that's trying to rebuild.

It is pulling the plug on plugs. CONAN: As you look ahead chay, well, both the challenge and the opportunity of rebuilding the damaged parts of Gulfport, what mussissippi you looking at? I'm mississippi to places now that Gulfport didn't think were going to be open for two months.