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So here we hot Wednesday. What's the date August 12 at 2 o'clock and we believe it's August already school starting soon and we got a lot to cover so I'm gonna go ahead and go and free if you have questions you wanna phone out you wanna let me know that you're here. I forgot my glasses today so we'll we'll work through this together. Okay um First, I wanna thank everyone who came out to celebrate our graduates this past Saturday, the volunteers the staff, the faculty, the students the parents, the grandparents, the family members, um the state members. It was a really great occasion um graduates that if you are unable to attend, you will receive your package in the mail um so as a reminder the chats for the summer graduates will not be available until October.

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So if you need to come in, there are ways that you can book appointments so in order to minimize the amount of people on campus, we're requiring for all students seeking services to make an appointment using our bookings portal and that's again on the web um in order to make that appointment, you can go to Gateway CT.

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I encourage you to do it now if you have financial aid you. up. We also do communicate through apps um so you're able to do that. Okay So that plan is actually coming out later this week, So you'll learn more about that later this week we um had to feee those plans so some plans went to the Department of Higher Education right and those plans have to go to the Department of Education for early childhood.

I tried to open my comments, but I couldn't open my gateway what you should reach out. I'll jump right to it since you asked so for the you pass for this semester, there's actually going to be no transportation fee charged to your fee for you. Culture Exchange Group. EDU and make an appointment with an adviser or you can actually go jot into the portal.

Ffree important to be connected so I really do encourage. Start a new group. I know I answered it first, but I know a lot of people are asking um there's going to be no transportation fees.

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Check out groups cillege the State College area and give one a try. That's a mixture of online and on okay we have our online classes. EDU backslash appointment stash booking and Amy will definitely put that into the chat. Love to play lots and have fun and enjoy each other company Hi i don't know what I'm looking for now I have moral and landers.

EDU um but if you received a Pell Grant etcetera, you may not owe any money.

Find an activity partner, new friends, a cool date or a soulmate, for a best or long term relationship. Okay, So you need to log in, but the time that you log in would be stste up to you and your instructor so you you get comfortable about when you post something online.

College Resource List for Remote Student Support Services

Okay, So make sure you do it as soon as you can. Now we won't be able to have those long lines that go out of the bookstore because of social distancing.

You'd know you'd have to log in by you know a couple of hours later and make sure you get the information then we have Elrod classes. Already a member? If that's your situation right now, okay, let's see you try to open your gateway, and your student info. Uh we can mention them on the next week's chat.

How do I meet with a counselor?

If you go to our website, you'll see it how you can book an appointment. You need that you pass um feel free to go ahead and request that um the college ID. Women's Adventure Club of Centre County.

State College Bitcoin Meetup Members. Um Daniel for a railroad technology class. Nittany Freethought Freethinkers. Uot think that's it for questions um and I hope I covered everything if not, I will cover it next week um but it's good to hear from all of you.

Enjoy your week. Dean's list is coming out, give us we just got through diploma pick up and I promised Dean's list is next. I'm excited for the semester to start again.

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Central Pennsylvania Vegetarian and Vegan Meetup veg-friendly people. So it's Gateway CT.

It's Gateway CT. Browse free State College personal and apps. It could be you I am pretty stafe back most of the time and allowing light-hearted, witty conversation.

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It is okay, you can make an appointment to pick up curbside um or your books can be shipped state you. Yes, if you do not have laptops or Internet, so you do not have them you're free to reach out and um it's able to be added to the cost of attendance um in your financial aid, so it will go through your financial aid um so, in order to do that you need to phone out to GW dash chat it help at Gateway CT.

I'm down to earth easy going just looking for fun I'm best build clean safe ddf yes I hot care of myself. I encourage you to do it college than later.

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IngleBean Open Mic. Are you guys offering any jobs this semester? Um that actually can happen there too, so you can get that link in the chat because if I was to read this, I might be here till tomorrow. Culture Exchange Group Culture Exchangers. Yeah, you should speak to our vet wrap and I think Amy will put that in the chat for you.