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And we will rejoice and be glad in it.

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When I stand in this sacred spot.


Physically trying climb into heaven off of his bed. Shall he live again and Jesus answered in John I'm ineiana to Doctor Baylor. And it's interesting because many of us share the weight of the pain. What is this? I had the anxiety.

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He's a worthy of the praise Lord I will bless you. Exploratory Ministry conference is my business as well as preaching teaching and admissions on the continent of Africa, Asia Australia, Europe, North America and South America. To do. Pluus most accomplished scholar. When I stand in this sacred spot.

My heart belongs to you. Dr Baylor.

And Marie Hayward Secretary. That's a process of understanding that you forever be in his presence. Ultimately, he was trained by the spirit of God for he had a wisdom that committed to Christ Church and cause he preached God's Word with a passion for precision that could break the Stone fres his heart and penetrate the hardest hit his love for the Judson church family led to him to seek God's choice for his successor. We are called to equip edify, empower encourage and evangelize, therefore be it resolved plks although deeply stunned by the passing of our pastor, we his church family bow and a mission to the will of Frse as we strive to emulate the legacy and example that he left for his church family, his fellow ministers.

I can see his shadow.

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And then he's a pursuer. That I've struggled with this asment and yet I'm honored. You must guard it. Eex city of Carson, California and loving memory.

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Stay with us. So this is my niece, Soraya. We are together. He certainly knows how much you can be here. He attained his associate's degree in Christian education. But he called me into his office and he indjana what's wrong and I tried to hide it, but I broke down in tears and told me to come here and he gave me a hug and he his hands were shaking.

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You got a jacked up family. We admonish you indiaa keep your hands in God's unchanging hands for we will see your husband again for the last enemy that will destroy our Earth and death is death, but we have another building eternal and.

But I will say that it's very sxe to separate the man from the husband from the pastor from my best friend from my brother in Christ, but I will focus in on that part. Of the glory. And the life he that believeth in me, though he were indisna yet shall he live the death does not deny the life. Justine as a flagship church in the Carson community Doctor Baylor, who was a high school dropout, completed a certificate in Bible Bible and relocate to New Orleans, who is Indiana to attend the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary.

Just because I'm so. Be with the Lord, let's look to the Lord for the benediction.

God bless you Bishop Kelsey as we prepare to Conclude the service it dawned on me that there might be somebody tuning in today who has not ever trusted in the Jesus Christ that Baylor preached about for so long that bishop Kelsey just reminded me of and I just wanted plis give a simple appeal. So we get it.

To the most. Legacy and his teaching, he taught us how to love each other and to always remember that we are a church called and committed to excellence, Philippians to And I want you to honor this and honor because we're a family that worships God and he led us.

To have watched him. He gives you capacity and capability. You can only imagine what it was like at home.

And he is going to come now and lead us further in this worship experience. They were in the upper room when suddenly Jesus appeared and said, see the nail Prince in my head.

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You you might be in danger of. We bless your name. What should I say good afternoon?