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That starts really kind of with a couple of products, but really, the centerpiece being the j gig fiber product. For example, we ed the FCC's pledge to help consumers and business stay connected during this time.

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We did book freee incremental bad debt expense in the quarter. We're revisiting all of our real estate-related stuff. About 4 to 5 percentage points of that 10 of that -- sorry, of that 14 is allocations based on our rack rates, right?

Lots of things. Elsewhere, we are seeing some permitting delays impact our fiber-to-the-home network rollout, which is driving reduced CapEx expectations for this year.

The health and well-being of our employees and customers are paramount, so we've established programs such as enhanced employee safety initiatives and remote working solutions. Very, very focused on making sure that the bundle economics makes sense as we roll up promos and look at the survivability, the medium- to long-term survivability of our customers, and really emphasizing broadband plus OTT options as a real alternative to a bundle because the data subscriber or the triple play subscriber, funnily enough, are the more attractive subscribers from a long-term basis in terms of the value, the lifetime value of a subscriber.

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By identifying the underlying mechanisms that connect time-scale difference and controllability for a simplified model, we provide crucial insight into disentangling how our ability to control real interacting complex systems is affected by a variety of sources of complexity. On the pledge, we had about 6, subscribers in the first quarter.

The double-play guy tends to be less attractive, right? And in April, we've seen a slowdown in those losses, right?

Cusick tree m free adult chat lines

So I would expect in in terms of our customer service road map, we're going to have a fiber box gateway available for people to think about self-installing. And so we saw very strong increased activity in the Optimum footprint going through the end of March [going] the beginning of Lnies.

We're in discussions on 5G as well. But today, it's too early to call in terms of what the impact is.

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On the broadband-only side, I think what's happening is as bundling has gotten more aggressive, particularly on a double play, those economics are getting worse and worse, right? The accommodations are average at best, but the golf course, which was recently redeed by Randy Russell, is a real gem. And then obviously, on the programming cost side of the equation, this is something where we think we continue to work very well at trying to push the growth rates down.

We are also seeing an increase in the of enterprise customers upgrading their service to support cchat work with management services like secured Internet and conferencing solutions.

And is that included within the net adds that you guys announced? I know you're very focused on cjat. I would think that as states look to reopen here, let's call it, over the next couple of months, we will continue to be able to meet nicely through workforce management the demand and the service requirements.

So we'll see on how that does, but this is a business that we want to continue to develop. As we continue to roll out new products, new set-top boxes, new technologies with fiber-to-home, we haven't really focused on the self-installed because we don't have a ubiquitous product necessarily to go cuxick in terms of big volumes.

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I'm just curious, I realize visibility is low. The lower attachment rate on gross additions is actually a very positive free cash flow trend for us with the reduced CapEx outlays and better margins as bundled video on promo is not attractive economics as well. We're looking at this tree. And I think we feel pretty comfortable in terms of a down case scenario, which is leading us to withdraw revenue guidance but basically call for revenue growth, no matter what, for the year. In summary, although this is a challenging time, we think this is a time that presents a lot of opportunity for us as a business.

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Sale used to be a busy port, although today its connection to the nearby lakes and waterways makes it an ideal habitat for numerous waterbirds within the Gippsland Guys Prospect with breakups. An award-winning writer and past president of Texas Golf Writers Association, he has more than 25 years in the golf industry. Operator Instructions I would now like to turn the call over to your host, Nick Brown.

We're doing a lot of things on the OpEx side, right?

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And on the West side, we continue to see very good performance since they were late on lockdown and they're going to be early in terms of reopening, right? Trer that's been great in terms of just pure statistics. Finally, on Slide 16, we provide our updated financial outlook formost of which we have already touched upon.

I'm just cuzick, the ability of your company to continue to install at the same rate you've been going at in terms of self-installation capacity, labor force. And so this becomes a contract by contract discussion with each one of the providers. Moving on to 7, you can see the exceptionally strong demand for our broadband offerings, underpinning our customer and revenue growth. Residential revenue grew 0. There are though some uncertainties around our SMB and advertising businesses as many of our peers have trer as well.

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However, video remains an important business to us, and we still have a ificant of customers that are long-tenured and highly valuable double and triple play bundled customers. Due to the current market uncertainty, we intend to provide an update to our revenue and margin guidance later this year. But there are other things that we're doing in terms of CapEx that is reducing our CapEx budget.

And throughout the Suddenlink footprint, we continue to see very, very strong demand on the gross add side, and we're meeting that. Overall, we're confident that our telecom's infrastructure and secured network services are essential services for these businesses.

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Gao, S. So that's a product and a service dynamic that we'll continue to be very focused on. So it's really difficult for us to -- the talk varies with a lot of transparency around our EBITDA s because even though you do see a big falloff in advertising revenue and you can associate your margin that you want to do with fhat. Starting, just jumping straight into Slide 3.